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Good Day. You have just stumbled upon The Original Singapore Walks® website. And we believe introductions are in order.

The Original Singapore Walks® is brought to you by Journeys Pte Ltd. The walks work on a simple principle: to bring people into places most other tours don’t. Graveyards, smoke houses, wet markets, gun batteries, the city’s best-kept secret places. You name it, we have it. Since 2003, the Walks led by an eclectic bunch of researcher-guides have taken locals and travellers alike off the beaten track, and entertained with an endless store of anecdotes that reveal the true heart of the city.

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Get on The Original Singapore Walks®!

Take the road less travelled and proudly declare, ‘I’ve been to Singapore.’

– from our series of immersive tours
that unveil fascinating facets
of Singapore

– your guide conveniently
outside MRT station exits*.
Easy to start, hard to stop!

– Singapore’s hidden gems,
fascinating traditions and layered history with our knowledgeable and witty guides

*except for Of Graves, Guns & Battles – Tour of Fort Canning Hill, which starts at Fort Canning Centre on the historical hill.


NOTE: Our tours do not run on public holidays – please refer to the list of public holidays below.
Public Holidays in 2023: 1 JAN, 22 & 23 FEB, 7 & 22 APR, 1 MAY, 2 & 29 JUN, 9 AUG, 12 NOV, 25 DEC 2023
Public Holidays in 2024: 1 JAN, 10 -12 FEB, 29 MAR, 10 APR, 1  & 22 MAY, 17 JUN, 9 AUG, 31 OCT, 25 DEC 2024

**Please note that guides and trainee guides are not allowed to join the tours, without express written permission.

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