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We are an award-winning travel company with a special expertise in heritage-based tours in Singapore. Our team is smorgasbord of passionate individuals (historians, researchers, educators, writers, guides…the list goes on!) with different fields of expertise (and personalities 😉).

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Journeys is an award-winning travel company with a special expertise in heritage-based tours in Singapore. Its team comprises individuals such as historians, researchers, educators, writers and guides specialised in various subject fields.

A solid foundation in research competencies and years of experience in tour design and operations has made Journeys a market leader for creative travel services in Singapore, particularly educational, rigorously-researched special interest tours and historical narrated walks.

With its commitment to continuous research, creative tour design and investment in training, Journeys holds a proven track record in customising special programmes to the most demanding of requirements. From students at different educational levels, to royalty and business officials, Journeys provides all its clients the exclusive insider’s Singaporean experience that most other tours don’t.

In 2003, Journeys launched The Original Singapore Walks® and in doing so, introduced a whole new dimension to the local tourism industry then. These premium narrated walks, led by guides who are experts of the city,are spontaneous and revealing as their fraternities in other cities are in their visits to cultural and historical enclaves, while the researcher-guides entertain with the juiciest insights to local society and traditions. Marrying solid historical research with sparkling, insightful guiding, the Walks are an instant hit with residents and visitors alike and have won multiple Singapore Tourism Awards. Lonely Planet puts it simply: “If you just do one tour in Singapore, make it one of these.”

The quality of Journeys’ tour products and niche services is widely recognised both within the industry and by discerning consumers alike, not least attributed to its synergistic relationship with associate companies – Singapore History Consultants, The Changi Museum and Heritage Box. Together, the four organisations work together to offer a range of services unparalleled by any private organisation in the sphere of bespoke guided tours, historical research, heritage education, publishing and management of cultural resources in Singapore, thereby raising the profile of Singapore’s fascinating written and unwritten histories.

Singapore History Consultants

Singapore History Consultants has been a close partner of educational institutions for over 14 years. The firm was set up in 1995 with the aim of providing research consultancy as well as heritage tour programmes for schools. Since its inception, the firm has made significant contributions to the repository of knowledge on Singapore’s heritage and in the fields of education and training. It has successfully implemented valuable programmes for thousands of students, bringing fresh perspectives and insights to the Singapore Story.


The momentous decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942 was made at the Battlebox, an underground command centre and headquarters for Malaya Command, the army defending Singapore in WWII. Previously sealed and forgotten for 40 years, it is now open to the public again, to debunk the myths and unveil the true causes of defeat surrounding the largest capitulation in British military history.

Haw Par Villa

There’s no other place quite like this in the world.

Haw Par Villa, formerly known as the Tiger Balm Garden, is an 8.5-hectare Asian cultural park, the last of its kind in the world. Built in 1937, Singapore’s largest outdoor art gallery is the brainchild of Aw Boon Haw, the millionaire philanthropist and marketing extraordinaire who gifted us Tiger Balm. The eclectic park is a treasure trove of art, culture, philosophy and religion. Since 2015, it is managed by award-winning heritage specialist Journeys Pte Ltd, which has taken on the task of bringing back the park’s glory days.

Come take a stroll and be surprised at the eclectic wonders of the park.

Changi Museum

In honouring the spirit and commitment of those who rose from the depths of adversity, the Museum inspires future generations to come and deepen their appreciation of the heroic and inspirational stories that unfolded in Changi during the war. The Changi Museum is dedicated to all those who lived and died in Singapore, in particular the Changi area, during the dark years of World War II.

Through documentation of significant events of the Japanese Occupation, the Museum also serves as an important educational institution and resource centre. As for the Prisoners-of-War (POWs) and their families, it is a site that allows for closure of the many emotional scars inflicted by the war years.

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Certificate of Excellence 2019

We are honoured to have been awarded the prestigious TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence once again! The Original Singapore Walks® consistently earn great reviews from travellers – join our tours and you’ll find out why!

Singapore Tourism Awards 2018 Finalist

Our tours are proud winners and finalists of the Singapore Tourism Award and Singapore Experience Award, a celebration of outstanding experiences in Singapore’s tourism sector.

Singapore Tatler 2019
(Best Inbound Travel)

We’ve been recognised as Best Inbound Travel Company on the definitive guide to luxury lifestyle, Singapore Tatler! From wonderfully curated tours to customised offerings for groups, we are just a call/click away.

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