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There’s nothing quite like a Journeys experience. Click on the ‘+’ signs on the right to check out our slew of heritage-based offerings – we guarantee a value-added experience for all our guests, always.

At Journeys, we believe in mixing work with play. At every stoic business meeting, there is nothing like good humour to bridge cultural gaps and inspiration to help seal the deal. We have excelled in creating and delivering one successful corporate event after another, from hosting ministerial delegations to taking care of the social-orientation touring needs of conference participants, and even facilitating corporate-community enrichment and bonding activities. Our content resources provide valuable insight into the diverse fabric of Singaporean society while our dynamic team and wide business network ensure you authentic, well-conceptualised programmes, delivered by expert guides who understand the enduring impact of an exceptional business event.

Our specialty programmes include:

  • Commemorative tours for historical milestones and anniversaries
  • Specialists-guided tours for official-diplomatic delegations
  • Social tours for conference groups, combining city orientation, cultural familiarisation and urban transformation
  • Specialists-guided introductory tours for visiting officials and top-management staff
  • Themed excursions for NGOs, interest groups and social organisations
    Scenic walks at the historical Fort Canning Hill, Singapore River and former quayside
  • Themed evening walks and pub walks that are perfect as pre / post-function social events
    Enrichment, team-building and bonding programmes for both multi-national corporate and community groups
  • Insider’s experiences ranging from museum visits and heritage to luxurious recreation for accompanying spouses of business travellers
    Industry visits and business opportunities

All private / corporate programmes are subject to minimum booking fees. Short, self-contained tour modules covering popular heritage enclaves are also available for travellers on a tight schedule.

Journeys Private Tour

Gone are the days when a guided tour simply means going through a slew of tourist catalogue attractions with a guide regurgitating the same commentaries ad nauseam. Journeys is one of the first to pioneer rigorously researched, topic-based special interest tours designed to inspire both locals and visitors to re-think common perceptions of Singapore. What’s more, our broad-based yet thorough familiarity with the city’s heritage, offers you the advantage of having several different interests woven into a single well-conceptualised itinerary. Then let our expert guides take you on the bespoke journey, sweetened with lots of wit and humour, to give you insider’s scoop on things, from the peculiarities of local culture and society to Singapore’s history from the time of good ol’ Raffles and beyond.

Our specialty programmes include:

  • Exploratory tours of local ethnic enclaves, cultural workshops and specialists-guided visits to major museums and heritage galleries
  • Military history programmes tailored to fit both the educated and casual participant alike
  • Specialised studies on the development and governing policies of modern Singapore
  • Scenic walks at the historical Fort Canning Hill, Singapore River and former quayside
  • Selected areas of research in public art and history
  • Themed evening walks and pub walks that make great entertainment for overseas guests and special occasions
  • Educational and bonding programmes for neighbourhood-based outings
  • Social-orientation programmes for expatriates and new residents
  • Half-day to full-day personalised itineraries for short-stay travellers

All private / corporate programmes are subject to minimum booking fees. Short, self-contained tour modules covering popular heritage enclaves are also available for travellers on a tight schedule.

It is common for many tour companies to offer educational tours among a myriad of other services. Journeys, however, with its distinctive approach to tourism, is one of those surprising firms that takes pride in educating travellers through every tour it delivers, helping them understand and appreciate Singapore as a destination of crossroads, along with infinite possibilities.

Since 1995, Journeys and its associate firms have been leading the way locally in the fields of historical research and school heritage programmes. Our rigorously researched, topic-based field trips are designed to complement students’ learning in the classroom and whet their appetite for further independent learning! Our extensive stable of programmes lend valuable insights into the diverse fabric of Singaporean society, both historical and contemporary, while our specialised guides, amongst them military historians, curators, researchers, teachers and writers, indulge their passion for bringing the lesson to life. What’s more, our commitment to continuous research and staff training makes our programmes versatile enough to suit different levels from pre-schoolers to post-graduates. (Programmes for young learners are generally more illustrative and interactive with the use of stories, props and demonstrations to delight as well as to educate.)

Our specialty programmes include:

  • Multi-cultural appreciation and immersion programmes
  • Local and regional heritage from ancient history to modern-colonial period
  • Military heritage talks and battlefield tours
  • Urban development and social studies
  • Asian civilisations studies
  • Selected areas of research in public art and history
  • Bespoke tours (half-day to full-day itineraries) for overseas school trips, drawing on material from topics listed above
  • Orientation tours and exchange programmes to help acculturate students on short-term / long-term study in Singapore
  • Selected industrial visits, inter-school friendship programmes and heritage tourism workshops

All private / bespoke programmes are subject to minimum booking fees and will only be finalised after consultation with the field trip organiser.

The peacetime story of modern Singapore is a well known one amongst both local and international communities. For us at Journeys, it is the adversities that the country went through during times of war and social unrest that make such compelling stories to stir even the most hardened traveller. As a colonial outpost of Britain and the catalyst for the Pacific war during WWII, Singapore has witnessed its share of explosive battles, subterfuge, wartime brutalities and selfless camaraderie in the face of death. She was one of few territories then which saw the congregation of soldiers from the Commonwealth nations in the fight for their flag, for their regiment, their fellow mates and the hope for peace. Following a spectacular liberation from Japanese forces, an exultant mood prevailed but that quickly gave way to consecutive phases of political and social upheavals.

Marrying 20th century history and current affairs, our military history programmes are designed to suit different people – the war veteran, the soldier, the staff college personnel, the defence planner, the young recruit, the hobbyist, the man on the street – all with one question in mind: ‘what happened?’ We regularly incorporate bespoke lectures, terrain studies, declassified maps and photographs to augment learning and analysing of what happened on the battlefields. For staff rides and unit / campaign-specific training exercises, we are also able to assist with preparatory recces, compilation of reading material and post-tour debriefs to reinforce study objectives.

Tap on our passion and expertise in Singapore’s military history and uncover a significant side of the city known to few.

Our specialty programmes include:

  • WWII remembrance tours tailor-made for Veteran Associations, anniversary pilgrimages, special interest groups
  • Battlefield tours conducted by expert guides for both heritage enthusiasts and general participants
  • Commemoration events and heritage fairs
  • Heritage programmes for defence force (army, navy and air force) officers, soldiers and recruits, to examine topics such as military code of honour, identity and values, service history, realities of war, tactical and terrain study, strategic perspectives, intelligence, command leadership, decision-making process, national security, international issues, civil defence and the social-economic impact of war
  • Bespoke tours catered to staff college personnel, defence studies students and strategic planning staff for appreciation of the region’s military history and security issues
  • Staff ride, designed and facilitated by former staff college lecturer and specialised academics

All private / bespoke programmes are subject to minimum booking fees and will only be finalised after consultation with the field trip organiser. Short, thematic tour modules covering popular heritage enclaves are also available for travellers on a tight schedule.

No other tour operator knows Singapore’s changing landscape like Journeys. With its commitment to continuous research and updating of tour content, Journeys is able to tailor-make special programmes for the most demanding of requirements.

So you have trawled through most of our website or have, perhaps, even experienced one of our walks. You are convinced that there is no other tour quite like a Journeys tour. Hold your horses, there is more. Over years of serving our corporate clientele and overseeing entire stays of their important visitors, Journeys has developed a keen competence in anticipating the travel needs of incoming small to medium sized groups. Business or leisure, customers not only can enjoy the trademarks of Journeys’ quality tour programmes and immerse themselves in the city’s cosmopolitan vibe, but experience the same attentive treatment for all aspects of their stay in Singapore too.


A discerning selection ranging from clean yet cosy budget conscious lodging to luxurious international chains and trendy boutique hotels exuding a poignant old world charm. Whatever your preference is, you can truly enjoy your stay with our offer of the most competitive rates in town. For a list of Singapore Hotels, click over here.


Day or night, Singapore’s world-class botanical and zoological parks are the all-time favourites of visitors from around the world. Another crowd-pleaser, Sentosa beckons as a lush island retreat, exceptional entertainment venue and exhilarating theme park all rolled in one. For the seasoned traveller and fan of the arts, the island offers 42 museums and interpretive centres as well as a vibrant year-long calendar of concerts, performing arts and casual gigs, that unfold colourful facets of its regional influences and historical journey.


Foodies rejoice for paradise is found right here in Singapore. It is absolutely possible to eat your way through the eclectic heritage and cosmopolitan society that Singapore has evolved into. Whatever your budget and palate is, let us complete your travel experience with a quintessential local epicurean adventure. From the ubiquitous “Hawker Centre” fare to exclusive fine-dining at the best establishments, we will arrange food adventures to fit all budgets.


Enjoy the city sights on a wide range of transportation modes that take you over land, through water and even to the skies. Choose from the heritage bumboat river cruise, trishaw tour down the streets, the Singapore Flyer, cable car transfer (applicable to Sentosa only) and a fleet of newly refurbished tour coaches that ensure you travel in comfort.

Airport pick up and transfers

Ease the jetlag and uncertainty of travelling to unfamiliar destinations by opting for our airport pick-up services. Our friendly staff or trusted service provider will do all that is necessary to ensure a hassle-free arrival at your destination.

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