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Looking for fun educational programmes packed with learning objectives and memorable moments? Come to us.

As an Established Travel Agency Since 2001, Journeys Pte Ltd are experts in Heritage-Based Tour Programmes. Our tours are suitable for educational programmes for units, filled with memorable moments.

Our Programmes Include:

  • All six pillars of Total Defence covered:
    Military, Civil, Economic, Social, Psychological, Digital Defence
  • Visits to heritage sites to learn about the links between the past, present, and future
  • Learn about the importance of defending our nation and respecting men and women in uniform
  • Gain insights into the conflicts we have fought in, so our men and women can become better, thinking soldiers
  • Be educated on the different ethnicities and religions that make up our society
  • Group cohesion activities such as trivia quizzes

Journeys to Hell: A tour of Haw Par Villa and Hell’s Museum™

Walking Tour & Amazing Race, 3 hours
Learn about the major religions practiced in Singapore and explore perspectives of death and the afterlife across different cultures and religions.

Independence Trail: From War to Nationhood™

Coach Tour & Amazing Race, 2.5 – 3 hours
Explore the Civic District! Understand Singapore’s path to independence, and its political development from the 19th century to post WWII years.

Celebrating Religious Harmony: A Tour of Places of Worship™

Coach Tour, 4 hours
Overcome cultural barriers by visiting various religious landmarks and related historical sites in Singapore. Learn about the different religions practiced in Singapore – unity in diversity.

War & Remembrance: A Trail on the Western Front ™

Coach Tour, 4 hours
Understand the importance of terrain in military planning, through the allied defence plan for Singapore and the Japanese attack plan.

The Last Stand: Battle of Pasir Panjang™

Coach Tour, 4 hours
Explore the Pasir Panjang Area, Reflections@Bukit Chandu and Haw Par Villa. Understand the importance of esprit de corps in fostering unit cohesion.

The Little India Cultural tour:
Discovering Singapore’s Indian Heritage™

Walking Tour, 2.5 – 3 hours
Learn about the historical development of the early Indian community in Singapore and Little India through its traditions, cultures, religions, heritage and contribution.

The Kampong Glam Cultural Tour:
Discovering Singapore’s Malay-Muslim heritage™

Walking Tour, 2.5 – 3 hours
Discover the Malay royalty of Singapore. Learn about the origins, traditions, cultures, religions, heritage, and contributions of Singapore’s Malay community.

The Chinatown Cultural Tour:
Telok Ayer: From Sinkehs to Towkays OR
Kreta Ayer: The Place of “Nightless Days”™

Walking Tour, 2.5 – 3 hours
Uncover insights into Chinatown’s Hokkien or Cantonese community. Learn about the origins, traditions, cultures, religions, heritage, and contributions of Singapore’s Chinese community.

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